A small sample of recent Aurographs (full paintings produced by our robots) and Embellished Prints (canvas prints with strokes painted overtop)

Our team will be happy to work with you to create a custom collection suited for your purposes, in any style that speaks to you. Note that all Aurographs can also be produced as embellished prints. For more information please contact Kyle Suri at kyle@acrylicrobotics.ca

Lisboa, 2024. Aurograph.
Grooves, 2024. Aurograph.
Profile, 2024. Embellished Print.
Class Act, 2024. Aurograph.
Horse, 2024. Embellished Print.
Flowerbomb, 2024. Aurograph.
Amalfi Coast, 2024. Embellished Print.
Little Birds, 2024. Embellished Print.
Customizable Background.
Spring Has Sprung, 2024. Embellished Print.
Psychadelic, 2024. Aurograph.
Disco, 2024. Embellished Print.
Oranges, 2024. Aurograph.
Red40, 2024. Aurograph.
Faces, 2024. Aurograph.
Shapes, 2024. Aurograph.
Waterfall of Lines, 2024. Embellished Print.
Customizable Background.
Mountain Woman, 2024. Aurograph.
David, 2024. Aurograph.
Leaves, 2024. Aurograph.
Sunset, 2024. Aurograph.
Miami, 2024. Embellished Print.
Three-Faced, 2024. Aurograph.
Nature, 2024. Embellished Print.
Relentless, 2024. Aurograph.
Chroma, 2023. Aurograph.
Pulse, 2023. Aurograph.

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