We create cutting-edge technologies to modernize the $70 billion art market

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Art. Robotics. AI.

We make robots that paint with precision, and software that can turn any image or idea into a masterpiece with real brushstrokes. By making great art accessible to all, we're creating new income streams for working artists to make significantly more money - on their terms.


The world is changing. Art isn't keeping up.

In the current system, virtually no one wins. Painted art remains exclusive, gatekept and prohibitively expensive, meaning most people don't get to interact with it. The gallery system is crumbling and artists are struggling to make a living. Every other creative medium has seen technology bring them from the elite to the public, but art stands alone in being valued primarily through scarcity.

We think great art - in its intended form - should be part of our everyday lives. It should be enjoyed by all, not just ultra-wealthy collectors.

Most importantly, we're unlocking a massive middle market for working artists that has never before existed. We're creating a system that doesn't just give 99% of wealth to the top 1% of creators, but allows anyone to make real money from their artworks.


To change the state of an entire market, we need new technologies.

Our team has spent three years iterating on a cutting-edge technical stack pushing the boundaries of robotics and machine learning, and we have ambitious plans to make it even better.

Million of data points captured per piece

Our paintings have thousands of strokes each — many more than are visible to the naked eye, but which contribute to the depth and three-dimensionality of the final result.

Professional grade paint pigments

Quality paint pigments can't be mimicked by ink colours (like those used in printing). We produce rich textures, lustres and colours that make artworks pop.

Real strokes, not pixels

Studies show that your brain lights up when you look at painted art — your motor neurons work to imagine how the artist performed each stroke. No two strokes — and no two paintings — are perfectly identical.

Artist original

Regular art print

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Acrylic Robotics print

Our proprietary painting technology was designed to skillfully capture the depth, translucence, pigment blending and intentionality of an artist's handiwork.

We already live in a world where the world’s best music plays from every speaker and the world’s best literature sits on every shelf. It's time to build a world in which real, painted, museum-quality artwork hangs on every wall.

Our products

Limited edition painted prints in partnership with leading artists

Upscale your collection with hyper-precise robotic reproductions of museum-quality paintings. Shop limited-edition, highly collectible drops from the artists you love, at a fraction of the cost of the originals.


Turn any image or idea into a physical painting

Upload any image, or use any text prompt, and we’ll turn it into a beautiful painting. Customize art style, color palette, strokes and more to quickly create your dream piece. Choose your canvas and get it shipped to your door within days.


Create with Acrylic

Are you an artist, curator or other creative looking to try out our tech?

Our full suite of creator tools and robotic printing services will launch later this year, but our early access program opens March 2024 under our Rosca brand. Be the first to see your creations in print, work directly with our product and technical teams to see your suggestions realized, and join our growing community of art world innovators.

Our team


Chloë Ryan

Founder & CEO

Fine artist. Robotics engineer. Started her first company at 9.

Named "Top Entrepreneur" by Next 36

BEng Mechanical Engineering @ McGill

Kyle Suri


Prev: Venture Capital at Anthos

Bachelor of Commerce @ University of Toronto (top 1% of graduating class)

Kat Tchernavskikh


2x founder. Forbes 30U30. Elle-published fashion photographer.

Prev: Apple, Ogilvy, Aldo Group, Techstars

Bachelor of Commerce @ McGill

Walker Singleton

VP Engineering

Prev: Hardware Engineer at H3X (YC '21)

Prev: champion-winning Captain of McGill Formula Electric, managing 300 engineers

BEng Mechanical Engineering @ McGill

Key Advisors

Announcement coming 2024

Industry leaders across art, curation, robotics, AI, manufacturing and procurement

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Frederic Nantel

Engineering Physics @ McMaster University

Pouyan Asgharian

Robotics Engineering @ University of Sherbrooke

Renzo Villanoy

Mechanical Engineering @ University of Waterloo

Sejune Chang

Mechatronics Engineering @ University of Waterloo

Simrat Puar

Systems Design Engineering @ Waterloo

Emma Terris

Mechanical Engineering @ McGill

Thomas Tuchenhagen

Mechanical Engineering @ McGill

Machine Learning

Omar Khan

Machine Learning @ University of Guelph

Praneet Suresh

Machine Learning @ Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA)

Constantine Primerakis

Machine Learning @ UPenn

Software & Design

Ayla Khan

Software Engineering @ University of Waterloo

Evan Wechsler

Mechanical Engineering & Machine Learning @ McGill

Miraal Kabir

Computer Science @ University of Waterloo

Sie Douglas-Fish

Fine Arts @ University of Victoria

Michael Velikonja

Commerce @ McGill

With our technology, we'll turn everyday homes, offices and public spaces into galleries with the splendor of the Louvre, the MOMA and the Met, at a fraction of the cost — all while supporting independent artists.

In the news

Awards & Honors

Canada's Top 10 Ventures to Watch


Top Technology Innovation


UBI Global Top 10 Deep Tech Accelerator

Chosen for Adobe's MUSES

Art Basel

The world's most prestigious art fair

Top 10 Pitch Finalist

Collision (Toronto) & Websummit (Lisbon)

Top Emerging Entrepreneur


The world's largest creativity conference



We’re mission-driven and care deeply about radically changing the status quo in the art world. The problem we’re solving is massive and your work has the potential to impact millions around the globe.

Why you might like us

You will be part of something big when it’s just getting started.

We don’t just work with cutting edge tech. We build it. We're inventing stuff that doesn’t exist yet. You won’t be following cookie-cutter recipes and ticking boxes.

You’ll wear all the hats and have the freedom to make big, autonomous decisions with impact. We promise you a lightning-fast feedback loop that will allow you to grow and improve far faster than you would as a cog in a corporate machine.

We're a female-founded business and we care deeply about building a diverse, inclusive, supportive work environment.

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